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Special thanks to the many people who have helped my Gaelic life journey, especially Alma Kerr Jamieson, Chrissie Macleay, Bard John Angus MacLeod, Nan S MacLeod, Annie MacLeod, Ailig “Valtos” MacDonald, Flora MacDonald, Alasdair “a’ Bhocsair” Campbell, Ishbel Willey, Jean Mackay, Mary Ann MacLeod, Jennifer Speirs, my husband Alan Phipps and children, and many more friends in song for their support. For years (decades!) of Gaelic song class tuition, to many wonderful singers including Morag MacLeod, Rona Lightfoot, Christine Primrose, Màiri Smith, Kenna Campbell, Mary Ann Kennedy, Cathy Ann MacPhee, Margaret Stewart, Fiona J Mackenzie, Margaret MacLennan, Allan MacDonald, Gillebride MacMillan, and Calum Alex Macmillan. For the joy of Gaelic singing, my choirs and their conductors through the years – including Lothian (Jackie Cotter and Angus Tully), Còisir Lunnainn (Fergus Reoch and Angelique MacDonald), Tong, and Lochs. For Gaelic translation Marcas Mac an Tuaineir. And for remastering and endless technical support, James Jelliman.

Special thanks to the following photographers for permission to use their images:
Graham Hood
Rod Huckbody, Stornoway
Jean-Marie Caudmont, Flesquières

Song information can be obtained by contacting Linn above.