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Jutland, Lady Margaret and William, Le mariage secret, Scarborough Fair, The Dark Eyed Sailor, The Frog’s wedding, The Moorlough Shore, When my love and I parted – latest Sillertides Youtube song videos

The Sillertides (Doug Huggins and Linn Phipps) are a transatlantic duo singing traditional songs in a conversation style.

Some of our latest Youtube videos are:

Johnny ma man (dedicated to our friend Lisa Null).


Lovely Joan

For Lovely Joan, we have recorded Bob Lewis’s version with his kind permission, and dedicated our recording to him.

We recorded the version of our friend Niamh Parsons for The Banks of the Nile

Our most complex song yet is The Fair Flower of Northumberland:

Thank you to Les Sullivan for permission to record Jutland (Les Sullivan) about the WW1 Battle of Jutland.

Thank you to Corinne Gahan for her image which illustrates our Lady Margaret and William (which we have dedicated to our friend Casey Casebeer)

Le mariage secret: with Benoit Lemiegre .

Scarborough Fair (dedicated to Lynn Noel)

The Dark Eyed Sailor: (dedicated to Doug’s Dad)

The Frog’s wedding (dedicated to our friend Annette O’Connell, with the kind permission of Cathal McConnell for his version)

The Moorlough Shore (dedicated to our friend Alice Farrell)–Y

When my love and I parted:

Please see Sillertides webpage and YouTube channel  for other Sillertides videos; and debut CD “Silk and Leather” on bandcamp